DeepSkyCamera is an app for Android. You can take pictures of the stars including a plan. You take the pictures in RAW. Android uses the format DNG which can be processed with the well-known stacking software (DSS, Sequator, PI).

You can take also flats, bias and dark frames. Its very similar to take pictures witha DSLR oder CCD/CMOS camera. After that you can do the post-processing with the stacking software as well as with Photoshop, Gimp or PI.

DeepSkyCamera takes only the pictures. The app is not designed for the post-processing.


  • Preview with 1 sec exposure time. You can see the brightest stars and you can set the phone in the right direction.
  • taking pixctures with a plan for lights, darks, bias and flat frames
  • takes pictures in DNG (RAW)
  • you can set ISO, exposure time, a pause between each frame, number of pictures
  • sd card is automatically detected
  • saves the settings to the phone and loads it during startup
  • you do not have to focus the camera - focuses automatically to infinity.


Android 6.0 or higher

Your phone must support DNG / RAW. The app checks the support of RAW / DNG upon startup.

How to track the stars

You can use a simple mount for travel purposes like iOptron SkyTracker, AstroTrac or StarAdventurer. You put a ballhead on the top and add a clip from a small phone tripod. With the preview function (which is automatically visible after start) you can adjust the ballhead according to the brightest stars.