DeepSkyCamera is in beta stage and available in the Google Play Store:

If you have a Huawei or Honor smartphone you can install the app from Huawei AppGallery:

If you have a Samsung smartphone you can install the app from Samsung Galaxy Store:

Available on Samsung Galaxy Store

Version history

22.09.2021 Version 1.8.6
App and manual in Italian and Spanish
Minor bugfixes

31.08.2021 Version 1.8.5
Live Histogram and histogramm of images integrated
Hot pixel removal
Edge mode (sharpness)
App adjusted to Pixel 4a (5G)
App adjusted to OnePlus 8/Nord and higher
App adjusted to realme 5 Pro
Samsung A52 5G (SM-A526) and A80 (SM-A805): 75 sec max shutter speed
OnePlus 8 Pro: 55 sec max shutter speed (instead of 30 sec)
realme 5 Pro: 27 sec max shutter speed (instead of 16 sec)
Bugfix: unstable focus and not working RAW format fixed on specific Huawei devices (P20 lite, P30 lite). Fixed now.
Bugfix: external Bluetooth controller was not correct detected on specific phones (OnePlus 8 Pro, Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro). Fixed now.
App tested with Android 12: runs pretty fine so far
Beta-Phase extended until 2022-12-31

21.06.2021 Version 1.8.2
Samsung M51: extended shutter speed 71 sec
Samsung A52, A72: extended shutter speed 75 sec
Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite/Pro: extended shutter speed 34 sec
Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro: shutter speed 30 sec
Vivo S1 Pro: extended shutter speed 30 sec
New entry in Help menu: Android 11
Bugfix Xiaomi Redmi 9
Bugfix Google Pixel 5
Bugfix Samsung S10 and higher: zoom didn't work on Android 11/One UI 3, fixed now
App tested with Android 12 / Beta 1: runs pretty fine so far

30.04.2021 Version 1.8.1
Samsung A70: 106 sec max shutter speed.
Samsung Note 10 Lite: 7 sec max shutter speed.
realme 3: 23 sec max shutter speed.
Status bar at the top is disabled in night mode
Interval time 0 sec is now the default after first installation (not available on Samsung S6/7/8 and Note5/8).
Interval time 1 sec ... 4 sec works now on every phone.
Bugfix Huawei Mate 20 Pro/LYA-AL10: app took dark images - fixed now.
Bugfix Huawei Nova 7i: Focus problem fixed.
Bugfix LG G8/US models only: 1 sec viewfinder bug fixed.
Bugfix: When editing text in night mode (f.i. in "Report your phone") a white rectangle pops up - fixed.

22.02.2021 Version 1.8.0
External Bluetooth controller can now start/stop the imaging session without touching the phone.
Countdown progress bar integrated which counts the seconds down during imaging session.
Delay progress bar integrated which counts the seconds down when a delay before the first image is set.
Interval time progress bar integrated which counts the seconds down during the interval time.
Google Pixel devices: extended max shutter speed of 32 sec on Pixel 4/5 and 10 sec on Pixel 3/1 integrated.
Motorola One device: full support added and max shutter speed of 32 sec or 36 sec are available.
When switching from Bias to Lights, Darks, Flats, Darks+Bias exposure time spinner in control bar shows automatically the last selected shutter speed of Light frames.
Internal file browser improved: internal file browser performance is much more better and deleting is much more faster.
Shutter speed of viewfinder (left red slider): if the phone supports a shutter speed faster then 1 sec the maximum value on the slider is max shutter speed and not 1 sec. That was confusing in the past.
Bugfix Samsung/Android 11: on some models (f.i. S20+) the app didn't take images due to the Android 11 update. Fixed.
Bugfix Samsung A51, M31: App crashed after touching shutter button. Fixed, app runs on A51 and M31 like expected.
Bugfix Google Pixel 4,5: when white balance is set to Auto the images had a green tint. Fixed.

22.12.2020 Version 1.7.5
Live view in viewfinder is not streched anymore and pays attention to aspect of ratio of supported resolutions by camera sensor
Extended max shutter speed of 59 sec on Xiaomi Redmi 9 and Redmi Note 9
Extended max shutter speed of 40 sec on realme C2, C3, C3i, C15 and 60 sec on realme 3 Pro, Narzo 20
Extended max shutter speed of 20 sec on Meizu Note 9
New option "Create image thumbnail" in "Settings" menu
Burst shot mode / interval time 0 sec is stabilized on lots of devices
Burst shot mode / interval time 0 sec activated now for Samsung A models
Bugfix Huawei P40 lite: Focus issue solved
Bugfix Honor 20 lite: Didn't take images in last update, fixed now
Bugfix Samsung A7, A8 and other A models: After the first image app was resetted and stopped taking picture, fixed now
Bugfix OnePlus 6 and 6T: Live view in viewfinder was not restored in last udpate, fixed now.
Bugfix Google Pixel 4 and 5: Green tint in live view corrected; Problem regarding taking images fixed

21.10.2020 Version 1.7.0
Interval time 0 sec ("Burst Shot Mode") implemented (not available for Legacy devices, Samsung S6-8, Note5-8, J and some A models)
Internal file browser: zoom in the images is now possible
Internal file browser: Delete function implemented
Internal file browser: universal nivigation implemented
Default Icon right ro shutter button integrated
LG G8s, OnePlus 6T: now 30 sec shutter speed available
Extended support for OnePlus Nord, Oppo A9, realme C3, C2, Vivo IQOO 3 integrated
New exposure times 3.2, 2.5, 1.6, 1.3 sec added
Shutter sound and end sound can be activated/deactivated independently
LG G7: 1 sec bug fixed
after first installation shutter speed of viewfinder is set to 1/10 sec by default
Playing sounds are improved du to the switch from MediaPlayer to SoundPool
Beta phase extended until 30.06.2021

21.07.2020 Version 1.6.0
Beta phase extended until 31.12.2020
App tested with Android 11 Beta 1/2: App runs on Android 11 so far (tested with Google Pixel 2 XL)
Improvement: on Huawei P20 Pro, Mate 20 Pro interval time can be 5 sec instead of 20 sec
Improvement: on Nokia 7.2 max shutter speed can be 20 sec (Android 9: 32 sec).
New: Samsung S9, S10, Note 9, Note 10, Huawei P40 Pro: variable aperture integrated.
New: Huawei P40 Pro: variable focal length integrated.
New: ISO Spinner contains the entry "Preview" which uses the ISO value from the viewfinder
New: During startup the app presents a dialog when max shutter speed is faster then 1 sec. This is not suiteable for astrophotography and deep sky.
New: Menu "Supported devices": modell number is shown when available (f.i SM-G950F)
New: "Info" dialog: on Xioami devices the device name is shown (f.i. Begonia)
Improvement: Preview exposure time is displayed in a common format (f.i. 1/50 s)
Improvement LG and Google Pixel: JPEGs has been taken with a lower resultion - now its the maximum resultion possible.
Improvement: After pressing shutter button in daylight mode the button is set to red (same as in night mode).
Improvement: When setting exposure time to "Auto" ISO is set also to "Auto".
Improvement: Displaying exposure time and ISO of view finder is rearranged.
Bugfix: the app didn't take images on Huawei P40 Pro, P40 - fixed now.
Bugfix Samsung S6/S7/S8, Note 5: When pressing on exposure time slider immediately after start the app chrashed - fixed now.
Bugfix Samsung S9 and higher: The viewfinder seems to "jump" between two images - fixed now.

25.05.2020 Version 1.5.0
Grid integrated (Android 8 and higher).
Internal file browser contains sorting.
Focus can be locked/unlocked.
Zoom function works also for images.
Info dialog and supported phones: now you can see the CPU of the device.
Supported phones: now you can see the number of supported phones and the date/time of the last update in the database.
Bugfix: when setting exposure time of preview to Auto, it was not possible to change the number of frames. Fixed now.
Bugfix: when display goes off and you turn display on the app crashes under specific circumstances. Fixed now.
Bugfix Xioami: when setting exposure time of viewfinder to 1 sec the app didn't take images. Fixed now.
Bugfix Samsung: the images had a green layer on some A models, fixed now.
Beta phase extended until 30.09.2020

25.03.2020 Version 1.4.0
Huge Samsung update: App supports now max shutter speed
30 sec on Android 10: S20, S20+, S20 Ultra, S10, S10+, S10e, Note 10, Note 10+, Z Flip
10 sec on Android 9: S10, S10+, S9, S9+, Note 9, Fold.
Bugfix: Imaging session stops now when app is set into background
Bugfix Huawei: setting white balance is corrected now
Bugfix Honor View 20: App did not save RAW files, fixed now
Bugfix Xiaomi: setting white balance improved on devices with MediaTek chipset (f.i. Redmi Note 8 Pro)

22.01.2020 Version 1.3.5
Beta phase extended until 30.06.2020
Bugfix: app crash during start when pressing volume +/- buttons - fixed now
Bugfix Honor 8A, Huawei Y5: Images were not saved - fixed now
Bugfix Xioami devices: app crash after taken hundrets of images - fixed now
Bugfix Oppo A5, Realme 2 Pro: App crash during writing DNG file - error is processed now (similar to Umidigi F1)
Extended experimental support for Meizu 16

04.12.2019 Version 1.3.4
Fix OnePlus 7 devices: interval time can now be set to 5 sec instead of 90 sec

01.11.2019 Version 1.3.3
Hotfix Huawei P20 Pro, Mate 20 Pro: problem of dark files finally solved

31.10.2019 Version 1.3.2
Hotfix Xiaomi Pocophone: App crashed during startup, fixed.

30.10.2019 Version 1.3.1
Beta phase extended until 31.03.2020
Synchronisation of the exposure time of the live view with exposure time of the images
Time range of the slider for exposure time of live view can be changed (0-1s, 0-1/10s, 0-1/100s, 0-1/1000s, 0-10000s)
Exposure times 1/1.3s and 1/1.6s added
Manual in Englisch and German added, in PDF Format and within the app (no internet connection needed)
Volume +/- buttons can be used to finer focus
Link to YouTube channel DeepSkyCamera integrated
Privacy policy integrated
Whitebalance on Samsung S6 and higher integrated
Bugfix Huawei Mate 20 Pro / LYA-L09: Problem regarding dark files fixed
Bugfix Huawei, Honor: Since EMUI 9.1 the list with values for whitebalance was empty and only "Auto" was available. Fixed.
Bugfix Xioami: the navigationbar at trhe bottom of the phone was white in night mode. Fixed, it's now dark
Bugfix Xioami: on rooted devices AI functions are not available

28.08.2019 Version 1.3.0
UI and app menu renovated and modernized
A progress bar pops up when taking pictures and the session runs
Improvements for LG: on newer devices(G7, G8, V40, V50) you can set max shutter speed to 30sec and max ISO to 3200
Improvements for Xiaomi: due to enabled AI functions pics of the night sky has not been taken. AI functions are disabled. Capturing images work without problems.
Settings menu: new option: the last picture taken can be shown/not shown as an icon on the main page of the app (useful for small devices with less RAM).
Added a progress bar when displaying images (JPG, DNG)
White balance: "Auto" and a manual value is possible (not available on Samsung devices)
Interval time: value of 0 sec is not possible anymore, because it caused too many problems on too many smartphones
Numbers of frames: value of 0 frames is not possible anymore. It does not make sense to take 0 pictures with the app.
New type "Darks+Bias": after taking dark frames the app switches automatically to bias frames and takes the same number of pics with the fastest shutter speed.
Added link to the Facebook group for this app as well as to Instagram
Bugfix Huawei P20 Pro model number CLT-L09: fixed the issue regarding dark images (has been fixed for CLT-L29 earlier)
Bugfix Smasung S8: Preview ISO was always 50, now its the selected value from the settings menu
Bugfix Samsung S6/S7/S8: customized file name pattern did not work, fixed now
Bugfix Samsung S6/S7/S8: Icon did not rotate by 90 degrees, fixed now
Bugfix Samsung S6/S7/S8: the file name of an image has not been written to the log file, fixed now
Bugfix: when the exposure time was faster than 1sec the value of the exposure time was not human readable in the log file. Now its a human readable value.

15.07.2019 Version 1.2.9
Beta phase extended until 31.12.2019
App runs under Android Q/10 (tested with Google Pixel 3)
Integrated noise reduction function (Settings menu) which reduces noise automatically (not available on Huawei, Honor, Samsung S6/S7/S8 devices)
Filenames can be set with a customized file name pattern (e.g. IMG_0450.jpg) (see Settings menu)
New action integrated what the app should do after the imaging session: exit app, shutdown phone, do nothing(see Settings menu)
Added an icon to the main page which shows the latest picture taken. Click on the icon and the app jumps directly to the images in the file path
Improvements for Xioami devices: interval time between two pics can now set to 5 sec instead of 70 sec
Integrated a logging for the imaging session (see Settings menu). The name of the log file is: deepskycamera_log.txt
Optical Image Stablization (OIS) deactivated, because this function is not necessary for astrophotography
Bugfix Samsung A50, A20 and other Ax0 devices
Bugfix Huawei P20 Pro, Mate 20 Pro: After pressing stop button the imaging session did not stop. Fixed now
Bugfix: app crashed when pressing Start/Stop button too often -> fixed now

04.06.2019 Version 1.2.8
Beta phase extended until 01.09.2019
Huawei: problem regarding dark files on P20 Pro and Mate 20 Pro fixed.
Huawei: added faster exposure times (faster than 1/4000s)
Bugfix Samsung A6 plus
Start button and Stop button are the same button now
Dialogs at startup with hints for Huawei, OnePlus, Samsung, Legacy and Xiaomi added
Menu restructered, new menu Help
Hints, Focus help and New in this version: text and description are now in the app integrated, no external website is loaded anymore

27.04.2019 Version 1.2.7
Added extrem fast exposure times (e.g. 1/100000s), if phone supports that
Slightly adjustments on max exposure time on some devices (e.g. Xiaomi Pocophone: 35s instead of 36s)
When selecting BIAS you see the fastest exposure time (e.g. 1/70000s) instead of 0
"Pause" renamed to "Interval"
Longer interval times added (70s,80s,90s)
Seekbars on main screen are always in red, also in daylight mode
Code improvements when playing back audio files

28.03.2019 Version 1.2.6
Support of so called legacy devices. These are phones without RAW support. For these phones DeepSkyCamera app provides only JPEG, auto exposure time, auto ISO and autofocus. Legacy devices are Nokia 3, Elephone S7, LG K500, Moto G4 Play etc.
App provides shorter exposure times (down to 0,01s = 1/100s), great for moon shots!
Images can be stored and added to the gallery.
Bug fix: App runs now on Samsung S10, Samsung Galaxy Fold, Samsung J5 (2017).

13.02.2019 Version 1.2.5
Huge update:
manual focus (not Samsung S6/S7/S8/Note 5)
zoom function for the preview (not on Samsung S6/S7/S8/Note 5)
manual exposure time for the preview
menu "Settings": three new options "Infinity", "Hyperfocal", "Manual". Option "Hyperfocal" not on Huawei and Samsung S6/S7/S8/Note 5
a sound will be played after each image(can be activated or deactivated in menu "Settings")
new menu item "Focus help" with explanations regarding focussing and how to get the correct focus
beta phase extended until 1st of July 2019
lots of minor bug fixes for various phones (e.g. Samsung J7, Huawei Y6, Huawei P20 Pro,...)

07.01.2019 Version 1.2.4
Hotfix for Huawei P20 Pro and Huawei Mate 20 Pro - app crashed with Android 9. Thats now fixed :-)

16.12.2018 Version 1.2.3
New menu item "Report your device"
More pause breaks added: 60,55,50,45,40,35 s
Settings: Added a delay before the first pic
Auto exposure time added (not for: Samsung S6,S7,S8,Note5)
Supported devices: close button removed
Supported devices: the actionbar remains blue when switching to night mode - fixed
Supported devices: reload the supported devices with the wish gesture from top to bottom
Minor bug fixes for: LG Stylo 3 Plus, P20 lite, Asus ZenFone Max Pro M1, Pixel, Pixel 2, Pixel 3, Sony XZ Premium, Xiaomi Redmi Note 5

25.11.2018 Version 1.2.2
Beta phase extended until 1st April 2019
Daylight and night mode integrated
App adjusted to Honor View 10
The menu upper right is disabled when taking pictures. The menu is visible when pressing STOP or when the imaging session ends
The preview is visible after pressing STOP
All settings are stored on the device. The stored settings are used when restarting the app
JSON file for storing the settings is not necessary anymore
Fixed a bug under Android 6: the app crashed on some specific devices (e.g. LG G4) when returning from the menu to the main screen

23.10.2018 Version 1.2.1
Settings menu improved: you can choose the path where to store the images.
Preview uses the "auto" setting to adjust exposure time.
Display can always be on (Huawei P).
For every device: added exposure times 0.1s to 0.9s (if supported)
Huawei P: solved minor focusing issues
Fix for Sony and Samsung: on some devices the app used always maximum exposure time, now its correct.

07.10.2018 Version 1.2.0
This is a huge update with lots of improvements:
Samsung: App provides 10 sec max exposure time on Samsung S6, S7, S8, Note 5 and Tab! This does not affect the devices Samsung S9, Note 9 and Note 8. An update for these phones comes later.
Runs on Android One (tested with Nokia 6.1)
App adjusted to OnePlus, Sony Xperia and Nokia devices.
Exposure time was rounded up to 1 sec in the past when a device provides an exposure time of under 1 sec (e.g. Nokia which provides 0.6sec max exposure time). Since this update the exposure time is not rounded up anymore and the spinner shows the real maximum exposure time.
Added exposure times from 0.1 sec to 0.9 sec for devices which does support longer exposure times than 1 sec.

09.09.2018 Version 1.1.6
Huawei P20 Pro: supports now RAW and RAW+JPEG with maximum resolution.
New menu "New in this version".
Width of ISO spinner will be automatically enhanced when ISO is equal or greater than 10000.

23.08.2018 Version 1.1.5
Pause break ist set to 15sec by default.
JPEG files are stored with 100 % of quality
Bug fix: preview size is a litte bit smaller due to some problems with Google Nexus 6P and Asus
Some adjustment made to Asus Zenfone Zoom
Changing the font in Android doesn't affect the GUI of the app anymore

22.08.2018 Version 1.1.4
Bug fixed: app crashed under specific circumstances when calling menu entry 'Supported Devices'

20.08.2018 Version 1.1.3
Tested and run with Android 9 (device: Google Pixel)
ISO: spinner enhanced. Provides now more ISO values
Bug fix: catching an error when pressing fast STOP and START again
Devices, which run in LEGACY mode, do not provide manual settings accoriding to Camera2API (ISO, exposure time, RAW). These LEGACY devices can not use the app anymore (e.g. HTC One M9, Xiaomi Mi5)

09.08.2018 Version 1.1.2
Examine the LIMITED mode on some devices (Asus Zenfone, Huawei Nexus 6P)
App runs always in PORTRAIT mode
Various minor bug fixes

07.08.2018 Version 1.1.1
Maxmimum number of images set to> When choosing BIAS the spinner shows 0 seconds - means that the shortest exposure time is choosenbr/> Fix a bug which crashed the app on Huawei P br/> Extended the pause time up to 15 sec (for Huawei P9, P20 lite)

31.07.2018 Version 1.1.0
Fixed compatability to various devices. Runs on most of the Huawei devices, Google Pixel, Samsung S, LG G.
Supports also JPEG when the device does not support RAW.